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My parents are still taking care of my Grandmother.
It's getting too much for them, I think. I'm telling them all the time and I'm worried. :/
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Hm, dad is a little bit obsessed, I think. Everything is about going fishing and fishing rods and lures and all that stuff. I get it, really. I mean I’m the same when I get enthusiastic about something – a topic, knitting, sewing, whatever – but I try to tone it a little down so it’s not everything I talk about.

On the other hand, he’s always taking care of G., who is being her lovely self, so I guess he has to have someone to talk to about this.


Apr. 25th, 2014 11:00 pm
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Dear E Mail Provider. No, I most definitely did not join your super-duper awesome special Club with fucking sprinkles on it. I would never pay 5€ for useless bobbly faces and obnoxious “service”. Ad free service is something I would and do pay for – the thing is, you don’t offer ad free, do you? You offer … stuff I don’t need and I’m sure as hell not willing to pay for.

So prepare, you’ll get lots of mails from me telling you so.


Feb. 25th, 2014 06:55 pm
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So, Dad and I are studying. All those fish – they look so damn similar D:

The law and environment stuff is easy enough, but all those damn fishies! Argh.

But after four or five weekends of lessons we just have to pass this thing :)
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I've been knitting like mad lately. I always say I can only knit "straight on" - no circles, nothing fancy-shmancy like real clothes or something like that.
But! I discovered lace knitting - which is a challenge pattern-wise, lets me use ridiculously wonderful yarns, and is just a delight.
And I still only knit straight on. Well, maybe some day I'll try a triangle or semi-circle. But (alas!) still no clothes because I'm way too unorganized and impatient for something like that. :)

Last night I cast on a new project, the Singing Bells Stole (look, it's fabulous!! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/singing-bells-stole). It was the first time I used a provisional cast on and boy, that sucks! :(
Fiddly and awful and so annoying I only purled one row after that and went straight to bed :) The pattern looks doable, but sheesh! that cast on nearly made me throw everything in a corner.
Anyway. I'm very curious about that pattern ... :)
Maybe I'll remember taking pictures of the wonderful things I made lately ;)
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unorganised because I don't feel like writing a complete review :)

Tauriel was cooler than expected. But please, no love story in the 3rd part!
Legolas seems to have mellowed with age. In the Hobbit he's badass!! Seriously. XD
It seems that this time they used more greenscreen and less miniatures. Hm.
The dragon is awesome.
Martin Freeman is awesome. :) The RING!!!
The golden dwarf-king statue collapsing looks tacky :(
Stephen Fry <3
"my wee lad Gimli" <3 <3 <3
3D was pretty cool this time. In the first part it seemed a little useless.
Less slapstick, thank God!
Thranduil is wonderfully creepy. That face-thingy was weird, but I guess it's something like that creepy Queen-speech Galadriel did in the Fellowship? Maybe?

And now waiting another year for the third part ... Whine!
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It was wonderful.

Bought stuff, got a (light) tan, slept, read and knit. I feel like nothing can ruffle me. I'm totally zen. :D

I didn't read that much - in the evenings I knit. Until I ran out of yarn. And right now I seems difficult to get more of the colour I need, it's sold out everywhere :(
I had other yarns with me but found out that the patterns I wanted to use were not the best choice for cobweb. Well.

But now I'm back, work seems to be without great disasters so far ... hard to believe actually :)
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Trying to get everything perfect and shiny before leave. I mean, I'm sure I'll fail spectacularly in the eyes of my favourite colleague, but she can go fuck herself.

I bought way too many bathing suits, but whatever, it's not like I needed the Money for something else. :) The ones I wanted most were sold out in my size but I still got a cute fifties-style one.

And presents will be bought there.
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Once in a while I want to organise stuff. And when that happens I want to do it properly. :)
A never ending story: my books. I tried Excel (with as much success as you'd expect) and cataloguing software. And I tried anobii.com - mostly because I liked the name. :)

And then I discovered booklikes.com. And now I'm a little in love! Much in love *hearts*
A combination of a blog and your shelves. And a timeline, too. And the team is awesome. Now I can Keep track of what I'm reading and post my Reviews where they belong. Sigh.

In October I read a little too much, it's like a hangover right now ... I needed to do something with my Hands, you know.
Knitting. Yay! :)

Taking care of G is draining for my Dad, she's vicious, that old bat. Argh.

Christmas is like tomorrow and I have no idea what to get. But - holidays in two weeks, I'm so excited! Two weeks of sun, reading, knitting and calm


Aug. 21st, 2013 07:19 pm
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Deary me, my family is exhausting. My uncle is unleashing all of his madness on us. Forcing his mother to sign stuff she doesn't understand. Whee. I love my mom, but she's part of this. She's clinging to me in a way that's scaring me. I feel like her emotional waste basket sometimes. But I'm not indestructible. I, too, have a breaking point. I'm need to get a little distance between all this and me. So I spent this afternoon dozing in the sun ... not at home, unavailable :) It was good.

Oh, well.

Aug. 8th, 2013 01:47 pm
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Sometimes I’m frighteningly good.
Like a psychic or something.
Or maybe I'm just stupid and should just STFU.

After confronting my uncle about terrorising my grandmother one of my first thoughts was “Boy, I’m gonna pay for this”.

I really wish I’d been wrong.

This Monday something happened in my family and we were all shaken. There was arguing, screaming and desperation. Neither of us slept well that night and I decided to stay home from work (after two hours of sleep that was a pretty good idea, too). Comforting each other. Strength in numbers and all that, right?
Well. Someone, I don’t know who, had the brilliant idea to get my uncle involved.
He preached about “sticking together”, about us “learning a bitter lesson”, how much better it is to work together and all that crap. I didn’t talk to him, I was on the sofa, trying to get a little sleep.

Enter Granny. "[Your uncle] says he won’t enter the house again (funny, he’d already been there this morning) until you apologise to him."
That was nothing new, he’d said that the week before. On the day I tried to tell him to stop tormenting his own mother about her money.

The new part? Her huge, pleading eyes and the whiny voice.
No fucking way, I thought. She wouldn't dare.

She dared.

“So what?”, I asked.
“Well, you know …”
“You want me to apologise? You are aware I was defending you, right? I didn’t do anything wrong, but if you tell me to, I will apologise.”
“Do you want me to apologise?”
“Well, you know …”
“Do you want me to apologise?”
“… I have no choice!”
“Well, then.”
She did have a choice. He had already “entered the house” twice. He just had to put that cherry on top of his sundae of triumph. He told her he wouldn’t enter her house ever again several times before. When he’d argued with my dad (his brother). When she wouldn’t give him power of attorney. And he always came back.

So I “apologised”. I made sure he knew I didn’t do it willingly. I told him that from now on he can do whatever he wants; I won’t defend his mother again. He can rage, he can scream, he can demand money and power of attorney. I don’t care.

No choice, my ass.

This was just the continuation of the old habit of “they (my parents and me) are always there, no matter how I treat them. They may get angry but they’re always at my beck and call.” Now completed with a “she’ll get over it”.

Well, fuck you, lady.

I took a holiday to make sure you’re not “all alone by yourself! Whine!”™ when my parents take their two weeks’ worth of holidays.
We asked my uncle (who isn’t even related to you) to visit with us, too. Because the ray of sunshine that is your firstborn refused to look after you until you gave him power of attorney.
I was willing to sleep on an uncomfortable lumpy old couch so you didn’t have to be “all alone by yourself! Whine!”™ at night during that time.

I/we did that because you’re old and needy. I was willing to overlook how you’d treated the people I loved because I thought holding a grudge would be petty.

Well, fuck you, lady.
My grudge is back. And this time it’s here to stay. Call me petty if you want. I’d rather be petty than your puppet.

And your crocodile tears? Let those two charming, oh-so-successful bitches that are my cousins dry them. When they visit. If they visit. They life a whole kilometre away, after all.


Jul. 29th, 2013 06:42 pm
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Finally summer has arrived. Finally!
More than two weeks without rain ... hard to imagine :) Work is exhausting, our offices have no air condition, and it's awfully hot during the days. But I won't complain :)
Summer - sun, ice cream, mild evenings, and no fucking rain! :D

This weekend was ... special.
My uncle was here, once again. I heard him before I even entered the house - basically screaming at my grandmother. About how he wanted authority over her bank accounts because it would be fair. Because it's about trust.
My grandmother is ninety. She was sitting there, looking at him helplessly, silent. The only thing she ever says to all of this is that she wants to be left alone with this.

So, I hear him. I wanted to defuse the situation and announced that I was there, being overly cheerful. And what does he do, that abominable turd? He asks me to "translate" what he wants to my grandmother. Translate.
Because there are only two possibilities: either you're too stupid to understand or you're somehow against him. A simple "no, I don't want that" doesn't exist. He expected me to take his side against my 90-year-old, overwhelmed, tiny grandmother.
I told him I don't understand his behaviour, how he can treat his own mother like this, when all she wants is being left alone. Well, he didn't listen.
He accused me and my parents of having our own interests, basically calling me a legacy hunter. Me! When it comes to sucking up to people I have no talent whatsoever. The sheer nerve of that man!
Well, I started screaming at him. :) And he left in a huff. Indignant.

Later that evening he called grandmother to tell her he wouldn't set foot in her house until I took everything back.
So basically he's punishing her for what I did. Asshole.
But that's nothing new.

He told Dad that he could "forget his holidays" (the only two weeks a year my parents have!!!) unless he (my uncle) got ... power over her bank accounts. Meaning, he wouldn't visit my grandmother and look after her during my parents' holiday. Asshole.

Well, he'll show up again.

But he sure was lots and lots surprised that someone could scream as loud as he. :)

The fun part?
I don't even like my grandmother. I can't stand her at all. Not in the least. She's a racist, an anti-semite, she's cruel, cold and vindictive.

But she's 90 for fuck's sake. Can't he give it a rest? Asshole.
I think I said that already.
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Summer has been a joke so far. More rain than anything and gazillions of fucking gnats.

And I'm more or less always tired ... did almost nothing this weekend but sleep. And still tired :/

SB's being a bitch. Considerin she's treating everyone like that I'm not overly concerned and in two weeks she's gone for three weeks - holidays, once again :)

I really love my new office. :)


Jun. 4th, 2013 07:39 pm
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Spent almost a week with A's cats.


There was progress. This time he came to me all the time, plonking down on my stomach and doing this kneading thing cats do.
He decided I'm comfy and visited me during the night, plonking down on my stomach, back and sides. Various times.

:3 :3

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"Get ready for Kindle Worlds, a place for you to publish fan fiction inspired by popular books, shows, movies, comics, music, and games. With Kindle Worlds, you can write new stories based on featured Worlds, engage an audience of readers, and earn royalties. Amazon Publishing has secured licenses from Warner Bros. Television Group's Alloy Entertainment for Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries, with licenses for more Worlds on the way." (Source: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1001197421)

I mean, really?

This is a can of worms any one with two working brain cells will want to keep fucking closed.

They're not the first to try and make money but ... words fail

Fucking dammit with sparkles on top!
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Once again life shows that the worst things can lead to something good.

Well, I'm not grateful they were incredible asshats and sacked me.
But now, those one and a half years are like a distant memory (and it was only January that I I worked there!). A distant and not entirely pleasant memory.
I liked having more responsibility - but I never felt accepted, at home there. And I don't think that's just my imagination.

So, now I'm back where I belong. In those ... ten weeks they let me go to two seminars to make sure I have all the imformation I need to do my job. My job is fun. I work with people I like. I work at a place where employees are treated with more respect than common.

I read a lot, I'm surrounded by great books. What's not to love? :)

Yay :)

Feb. 11th, 2013 04:08 pm
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I'm fast when it comes to bitching about stuff that goes wrong, stuff that annoys me and asshats in general.

But right now I have nothing to complain about. :)
I got the job. I can start next month. And I have now almost three weeks "holidays" :)
They told me last Monday but this whole last week down with the flu/a cold, just like the rest of the family (thanks to my Mom)

So, I'm off the streets :)
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So, job interview today.
It's more or less the perfect job - nice people, interesting stuff, good pay.
Now I only have to hope (at the same time trying not to get my hopes too high).
And silencing the tiny voice that wonders if maybe it sounds too good and turns out a bad idea.

Argh. Well, next week I'll know.

I think Mom passed her flu over to me. I'm a little achy (well, I was quite tense today, maybe that's part of it) all over and have a headACHE. Grump.


Jan. 22nd, 2013 09:07 pm
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So, on November 7ht I got the "thank you (for your unpaid overtime and work-weekends [nah, I'm kidding!]), but we found someone better, kthxbai!" ... "But we're awesome so you have three months until we really kick you out! And, by the way, how about instructing the one we're replacing you with?"
"And hey, 'cause we're so awesome you'll even get yout Christmas bonus - just in case you thought you'd get it just because it's in your contract - haha, we actually don't have to give it to you. We just want to rub it in that we considered not paying it. Kiss our feet!"

On January 7th I (in a fit of unbelievable klutzyness) I ran into a door jamb an broke my pinky toe. Yay.

On January 8th my favourite colleague of all yelled at me, complaining I couldn't do my job right. In front of the whole department. And my boss.
After a whole lot of four hours of sleep I lost it and of-fucking-course started crying.
He was all "I'm just telling the truth, I have the right to do that. If she can't handle that and has to cry it's not my fault!" [By the way, I did my job. The problem was the homepage - his part of the job!]
Strange enough, The Boss never tried to stop him from insulting me - only when I started talking back, he gave his "I don't want thant kind of tone in my department yadda yadda"-speech.
Asshat. Major asshat.

I think I'll take the broken toe thing as a hint of fate ... not to rush into things this year else I'll get hurt. Ha! So I'll try and enjoy the breather I got. The last year? Was no fun work-wise. They sucked me dry, emotionally, as a person.
I need to find a better place to work. For me.

Sometimes I think I want to go back to university. Whatever.
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would you please just leave me alone. Just for a while? Pretty please.

I think it's quite enough now, thank you.

The FUCK?!

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