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Yes, finally I've been able to watch the first episode of the fourth season. Some things I expected, some not so much. ;)
The idea that House is somehow to blame for Amber's death is quite ridiculous. At least Wilson doesn't blame him. Which is the only good thing I can say about him in this. Really - they never were friends? Oh, come on! Idiot.
Thriteen? Bleh. I liked her more or less in the last season - but this? Annoying. And how shitty was her reaction to being wrong???
Foreman was surprisingly okay, though. Maybe that was because he hardly did or said anything? :)
But I liked Chase and Cameron. Chase got more confident and Cameron seemed less black-and-white.
I loved Cuddy's "couple's counseling" - and how she didn't really take sides (even if Wilson thought she did. Heh.).
The mistery was entertaining and quite surprising - I liked it. Even if I have no idea if it was realistic in any way. ;)
The second episode was quite cool, I think. Apart from Wilson being a complete and utter moron. I never considered him a completely nice guy - he was a bastard often enough - but this? But everything else was fun. ;)

Well, NCIS. Comparing episodes from seasons one and five I have to say Gibbs has changed quite a lot. He was still grumpy back then but did have some sense of humour. Now he's mostly grumpy.
And McGee is turning more and more into an idiot in season six. Which surprises me, actually, because I really liked how he got a complete episode for himself in "Caged".
And somehow the Gibbs-DiNozzo interaction changed.

Saw the first episodes of The Mentalist. I'm not entirely convinced... I'm not a big fan of series with a background whodunnit (I mean trying to find Red John) - that's why I didn't like NCIS' Frog-Arch. Bleh. And I'm not really sure I like his partner.
Basically the same problem with Life. Crews is weird enough to be interesting, but once again the Murder In The Past(TM). And not to forget the boss who tries to kick him out. Wait, I've seen that one already... Blind Justice? Yes, and a couple of other shows. It's a cliché I don't particularly like. And the second cliché I'm not a fan of? The wronged investigator who is always right and always doubted (usually because (s)he's weird). And even if (s)he proves to be quite capable that pattern neverever changes. I prefer teamwork.

AND Numb3rs. I don' know what's wrong with those who do the planning - but. First we get parts of the first season (for the... third time), then we get three episodes of the third season, followed by episodes of the second season, followed by... nothing. Or better, some crappy show. And now we get the rest of the fourth season - and I doubt we'll ever see those episodes from the beginning again. I mean, they still have so many first-season-episodes to show us. Mweh.
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Recently I rewatched "Chimera", and even if it's not my favourite episode or anything I (re)discovered something nice. Jenny isn't really that bad when she's not impersonating Captain Ahab. I was surprised. ;) I liked how she was standing up to that "It's TOP SEKKRIT, you mustn't know"-idiot. He was a quite annoying character as it is - but that pathetic flirting? Does that kind of "flirting" ever work? So, heh, yes, Jenny isn't half bad (not that she was getting pretty annoying by the end of the season. But that's not only because of her but because the whole finale was more or less weird. And there was (once again!) Franks in it. Man, how that character irritates me!).
Other than that... I always find Tony in that episode a little... dunno... too whiny. Sure it's understandable that he'd be scared, but still. But I liked the solution... for once there was no terrorist attac behind it ot some mean super-virus.
Just the remains of the cold war. And McGee's summary was priceless. Heh.

Oh. Dear.

Jan. 1st, 2009 07:18 pm
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I just saw "March of the Penguins". Dear. What a wast of time... sappy, larmoyant kitsch. Bleh. Well... I admit the little ones were cute and the pictures spectacular. But the music? And the neverendingohmygodsodramatic comments?!

Deary me.
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Lots of fun, this week. ;) Of course over here we're always eternities behind, but who cares?

House? The fourth season just gets better and better (well, considering it's over soon). The first few episodes were a little annoying and I still don't like Foreman too much - but Amber and House fighting over Wilson? Priceless. All in all, I like the dialogues between the two a lot right now. And - yes - they somehow remembered House's pills. It's been a while since I've seen him taking any, but this week he did.

Shark? The last episode of the first season was just amazing. I mean, I'm still not sure if I believe everything he told that guy - not that I think he's not capable of doing all of this. Very good. And the bad guy was just awesomely (is that a word?) creepy-nice.
(The only down-side are all those unbelievably attractive lawyers. Well, apart from Stark, obviously. But the others? I mean, it's almost scary how pretty they are.)

Pushing daisies is just cute. And still not sappy or anything. Cool. :)

NCIS? I want the new season right now - but considering I haven't seen all of the old ones I can't really complain, I guess. Anyway.
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I really, really like the new look of the site. Hm, I always preferred those side bar thingies to pop up menus. Or whatever you call them :)

I've been watching Moonlight, which only started a few weeks ago. I like stories with vampires, I like crime series - whew, what a combination, then. I thought.
Well, I was wrong. Mick's larmoyant voice-over commentary annoys me to no end. And Beth is just so... bwah, just as annoying.
Bad stories, not so very good actors...
I'm disappointed.


Apr. 21st, 2008 12:59 pm
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Why, oh why?
I mean, is it just me? Why does every religious lunatic listen to the Requiem by Mozart?
And why, oh why a Requiem at all? It didn't have ANYTHING (or, not much) to do with the plot, for God's sake! And hey, if you want it creepy and angry, why not Dies Irae or Confutatis? I mean, Lacrimosa? Why?

Well, and the episode in itself was very, very disappointing. Meh. Numerology, reiligious maniacs, blah blah blah. Pfft.

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