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Jun. 4th, 2009 10:07 pm
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Ha! Today my contract arrived! :))
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Well... on Tuesday I had a job interview. It was pretty okay and I didn't die of nervousness.
Yay me! :)
They told me they'd contact me by the end of next week (and I wondered how I'd survive that). Well, yesterday the boss's secretary called me to tell me that they'd decided to give me the job.

I'm still pretty high on endorphines right now.

I mean, apart from the fact that it's for two years and means more money than the internship - they decided that I'm the one for the job after two days!
That really feels good. I mean, I try and ignore stupid comments about the (supposed) uselessness of humanities. But it still - with time - gets to me. Makes me doubt my own worth and the worth of what I'm doing and enjoying.
So this is absolutely awesome for me and my feeling of self-worth.

cut for ranting )
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Yesterday I had a job interview. The second one. :)
It really, really feels good - a month ago I sent out five applications; one answer was "no, thank you", one was "we'd invite you for a job interwiew but you're a little late", one didn't answer at all... and two invited me for an interview.
Well, basically I got the internship I applied for after the first interview - but last week I got the other invitation.

And it really makes me feel... good about myself. I never expected to get two (basically three) positive answers for five applications. It's awesome.


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