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20 years ago a mob of neo-nazis and other sorry excuses for human beings attacked a building full of people seeking asylum here. Men, women, children being threatened by a raging mass of brainless asswipes.
I was a child back then and the pictures are still with me, this was incredibly scary. Well, it still is.

So, a few days ago there were demonstrations in remebrance. There were speeches and politicians and stuff. And a tree was planted.

I thought some neo-nazis would cut the tree down.
No. The extreme left was way quicker. Now, you might wonder why they would want to cut down a tree planted to honour the victims of nazi violence ...
Obviously it was the wrong kind of tree. It was an oak. And we all know that oaks stand for militarism and nationalism.

Mmmkay. I'll be busy chopping down oaks and shooting german sheperds and eagles. 'cause they're eeeevol.
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Once again I'm completely sucked into the maelstrom that is fanfiction *sigh* ... *happy sigh* XD
My real motive for buying that Kindle was that I wanted to have a more comfortable way to read fanfic. And boy, does it work. :D
Getting all these fics into some sort of order works better than I ever expected ... and I find more and more delicious new (at least, new for me) fics. I really, really, really love Snarry. Very much. :D

Work life ... is okay. March and April are going to be hell, but at least it won't be all new this time. But still, I'm a little nervous.

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