Dec. 30th, 2011 12:10 am
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Sooo, another year almost over.
This week I was ... okay, am obscenely, stinking lazy. So everything went mostly according to my holiday plans. :) I didn't plan the flu - but it was a teeny one and at least that way I could stay away from family celebrations. All in all, it's been quite the perfect Christmas for me :D

I've been going through my collection of fanfic (I expected it to be bigger ...), and really, the idea of putting the author name in the file seemed to be a weird comcept to me back then. Instead of only sorting them by fandom, author name, and title - and being done in a few hours - now I first have to find the stories online and find out who wrote it. Honestly - forgetting the author, for fuck's sake. So far I found all of them, but ... argh.

Another argh, a BIG ONE is IJ. I really get the idea of making sure that users are active and all that shit. I guess they sent an email about my journals being kinda "inactive". BUT I STILL COULD SPIT FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, THOSE DAMN FUCKERS DELETED AND PURGED MY FUCKING JOURNAL!!! IT WAS MINE! MINE!! MINE!!!
Maybe there was a reason I didn't update them regularly?! God, I'm so glad I made one backup at Wordpress, even if I'm not spectacultarly fond of Wordpress's structure.
Do I have to go back to LJ now? I'm not really sure I want that. But IJ deleted my Journal, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!
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I really, really like the new look of the site. Hm, I always preferred those side bar thingies to pop up menus. Or whatever you call them :)

I've been watching Moonlight, which only started a few weeks ago. I like stories with vampires, I like crime series - whew, what a combination, then. I thought.
Well, I was wrong. Mick's larmoyant voice-over commentary annoys me to no end. And Beth is just so... bwah, just as annoying.
Bad stories, not so very good actors...
I'm disappointed.

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