Oct. 6th, 2012 03:03 pm
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Meh, dragging around a cold for three weeks now.
First I felt shitty without any other symptoms; which sucks, because people don't really believe you when you say you feel, well, shitty. But, I got an antibiotic (I'm still not sure it did anything but fuck with my intestines) and I was on sick leave for a week. I felt just as shitty for another week (and had funny spots, yay, allergic to the anticiotic!).
And now I have a mean cough, a runny nose, nasty sinuses. Now everybody believes that I'm sick :) And now I'm already feeling a lot better, actually (after more than two fucking shitty weeks). :)

And next week is book fair, I feel like I'm abandoning our new trainee before I could actually show her anything ... and all the time I'm wondering what I have forgotten, what can go wrong.
Because - I know my boss - he won't say a word about the stuff that worked. He'll focus on every detail that wasn't perfectly perfect. And it will be my fault (he's been telling me that everything is my responsibility (every mistake, that is. Should everyting go smoooothly, that will be thanks to him) for months now. Thanks.)

But. I'm still looking forward to it. It'll be crazy and insane and great. I hope.


May. 5th, 2009 12:56 pm
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So. One down, one to go. At least today. :)

I had a meeting with my professor to talk about topics for the exams... and right now I'm so relieved and almost happy. (Taking into consideration that I expected to spend the whole day almost-crying that's quite something!)Yay!
First, he's pretty laid back about choosing topics and making a list of material. He's really quite nice (even during exams... although pretty thorough...).
And he told me that the part about language (woe is me, I'm hopeless!) is not being tested (in one of the chosen topics) in the foreign language but simply having to read and translate some text.
I'm so (yes, I said that already...) incredibly glad and grateful and relaxed and almost really happy.


Now I just have to survive the job interview. Well, not really a job interwiev. It's for an internship - but still, it's for a year and sounds fun enough.
I just hope they pay okay. :S

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