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Once again a lovely weekend... after dancing I went to see M, we watched some films, went out for dinner (Russian, yum!), watched another film... and had, in short, a great time :)
Oh, well...

Work's okay. Not the most thrilling stuff you can imagine, but it's nice to see how things work... it's not as creative as the other departments - but there are some interesting things to do. And it's not like I neet adventures all the time.
I've got used to answering the phone and rude people don't make me feel stupid anymore. I surprise myself :)

Oh, well. Time passes way too quickly.
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Well... on Tuesday I had a job interview. It was pretty okay and I didn't die of nervousness.
Yay me! :)
They told me they'd contact me by the end of next week (and I wondered how I'd survive that). Well, yesterday the boss's secretary called me to tell me that they'd decided to give me the job.

I'm still pretty high on endorphines right now.

I mean, apart from the fact that it's for two years and means more money than the internship - they decided that I'm the one for the job after two days!
That really feels good. I mean, I try and ignore stupid comments about the (supposed) uselessness of humanities. But it still - with time - gets to me. Makes me doubt my own worth and the worth of what I'm doing and enjoying.
So this is absolutely awesome for me and my feeling of self-worth.

cut for ranting )
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I hate it when people expect me to only ask "how high?" when they tell me to jump. Argh.
She's freaking out over her thesis - I try helping her by calming her down, letting her bounce off ideas, suggesting different aspects, giving my point of view... (and no, I'm not saying that everything I said was useful or brilliant or helped that much, but I was trying to help).
So... when I tell her how worried/scared I am that my thesis is not good enough/I'm going to fail (the stuff almost anyone worries about at some time, I know)... what does she say? "Oh, for you it's different."
Huh? Different how, exactly? Are you just telling me that my fears are less significant than yours?

So, when I'm not availyble for some time (not reading my e-mails over the fucking weekend), she's getting whiny and bitchy. "Are you there? Come on!!" Nyanyanya, bitchbitchbitch.

Missy, you're not the only one who's worried and stressed and busy. So stop being an asshat and get a grip. Please. I don't want to be angry at you. I like you, actually.


Nov. 14th, 2008 01:34 pm
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Yes, I did go to my professors and told D that I wanted to kick one of the books out.
Before that I went to R and he told me about another one, one that fits much, much, much better - but very likely has not been translated yet. So D was not overly excited, but said if he had to he would accept it. Yay.

Other than that... I'm pretty lazy at the moment. I discovered OTR and spent more time with that than I should; I'm really not sure if it's a good idea to get started with OMR. But we'll see.

A.s life has been a little more... shall I say, exciting? Anyway, she had to make some tough decisions and I hope she's fine.
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This is a very busy girl right now, man!
A (belatedly [is that a real word?]) celebrates her birthday these days, K is going to leave for half a year and wants me to beta her thesis (mostly because she was crazy enough to pick a crazy topic but also because I'm awesome *g*), which is being created WHILE I'm betaing it.
Which is less fun than it sounds.
But she's a sweetheart (even if she has only a vague idea how puncutation works) and it's interesting enough to make it worth the while.

And. Yes, the thesis. I'm a little surprised myself - I got some work done. Next week I'll talk to my professors and make sure they have a vague idea of what I'm doing at the moment; and then... no idea.

AND A and I have been on a absolutely awesome tour together. Yesterday. Brillaint. :)
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... is to put new friends on a pedestal.
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Maybe I'm just too thin-skinned, but I'm really really REALLY hasta las narices. It pisses me off sooo much when people tell me that what I do is insignificant and useless and a waste of time. Well, no one put it like that, of course. But telling others (studying economy or engineering or computer science) how great it is that they're doing something USEful. Sensible.

It makes me wanna retch.

You know, being judged by intellectual illiterates. By small minded, blinkered expert idiots who think they're clever just because they are able to write their own name correctly.
I mean, you don't have to be interested in what I like - just don't act like it's unimportant because of it. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to tell them what I think of them. Be really mean. Hurt them the way they hurt me. Sometimes I wish I could tell them that - intellectually - I can't respect them because of how narrow-minded they are. I mean, they hardly are able to talk about ANYTHING but their job. That's not dedicated, that's just plain dumb.


Usually, I'm a fairly nice and patient and accepting person. But sometimes it just is... too fucking much.


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