May. 2nd, 2008 04:51 pm
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So, no way back. :|

I deleted almost all my entries over at LJ. And with more than just a little regret, you know? Three years' worth of entries... I still have the journal but I don't think I'm going to use it for posting anymore.
And that makes me sooo sad. But on the other hand... SUP is a business. Just like 6A. And I really, really hate what they did to LJ. Change is not bad per se - but most of the things they changed is.
I don't think they're aware of what journaling (and, yes, fanfiction) is really about. They just see the money they can make. And seem to think we're all exceptionally dense.
And I don't like people who think I'm dense.
I recognise homophobia when I see it. I don't like it. Just like discrimination in general - I mean, deleting interests like pain and depression. Way to go.

Now I have one problem, though. Where do I backup this journal? It's not like GJ will be around in the future. Hm.
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Hm. Headache not really gone = grumpy me.

Somehow... I don't know. I hate to seem ungrateful, bitching about every change in LJ... but STILL!
Who the FUCK told you to filter what I can read?
And what is this "No Adult Content" thingie? How would I know what you consider adult?!? This is a rather boring journal about my rather boring life, I know, but the idea alone is ridiculous. Honestly. Because no one is going to lie about their age if they want to read/view adult content.
It's not even so much the idea that this is going to be of any use to "protect the innocent" (haha!) - it's the fact that they (again!) messed with journal settings. Why not let people choose the setting they want? Noooo.

And flagging entries?

And SUP?!?!?
SUP understands that LiveJournal is nothing without you, the community (...) Yeah, I'm sure they learned from the best. :|

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