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Once in a while I want to organise stuff. And when that happens I want to do it properly. :)
A never ending story: my books. I tried Excel (with as much success as you'd expect) and cataloguing software. And I tried anobii.com - mostly because I liked the name. :)

And then I discovered booklikes.com. And now I'm a little in love! Much in love *hearts*
A combination of a blog and your shelves. And a timeline, too. And the team is awesome. Now I can Keep track of what I'm reading and post my Reviews where they belong. Sigh.

In October I read a little too much, it's like a hangover right now ... I needed to do something with my Hands, you know.
Knitting. Yay! :)

Taking care of G is draining for my Dad, she's vicious, that old bat. Argh.

Christmas is like tomorrow and I have no idea what to get. But - holidays in two weeks, I'm so excited! Two weeks of sun, reading, knitting and calm

This week

Oct. 25th, 2012 06:12 pm
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... was a good one.
The boss was traveling and the bossboss, too. That makes working so much more relaxed.
And I also cleaned (finally!!) my desk, which makes working a little surreal :) but very, very nice.
Not so nice - the intern's computer self destructed somehow. Finding stuff for her to do without needing a computer was a challenge today.

Reading manuscripts right now - and I'm so sorry to say this, but this one is fucking tedious. They expect quite a lot from it but honestly, it's so literary and desolate. Literature, you know?

The fair was great - I didn't really want to go this time, I was sure I had forgotten something incredibly important. But it was good this time. And boss worked as a buffer between bossboss and us. (I was so incredibly grateful! Bossboss is damn cold and distant with the "new ones". And sometimes downright nasty.)

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