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yay. annual appraisal.
i know i'm annoyingly shy and introverted and this makes me a difficult employee. i've been told i'm tooshytooquiettoointroverted, i show too little emotion, i don't share enough, i KNOW THIS. i'm really working on this, i'm trying. but i can't change who i am.
and i thought i had a good working relationship with my colleagues. now i'm no longer sure.
she told me i'm not communicative. i avoid helping out when it's necessary, even in emergencies, because i want to avoid answering the phone. the fuck?
i was always the one Fr and GB always turned first to, i only asked a few times if someone else could help. i offered help. and now this? where does this come from. i'm so done.
just because she had a difficult time? because she didn't get the job? the fuck.

and i expected a difficult talk, two thirds of what i do vanished over night, after all.

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