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(And I really wondered for a minute if the subject line was tautologic. Then I decided I didn't care)

Well, I'm at school right now. Colleagues are nice, and sharing room is not as horrible as expected (first discovery). Maybe having WIFI has some influence on that. And the fact that N. visits home almost every weekend...

School's pretty okay. In fact, lots of the subjects are almost fun. Especially accounting (second, and huge discovery).
Most of the profs are cool - except for one horribly fake woman. Always showing an exaggerated smile, treating us like kiddies - "well done! good!" - argh!
And. The worst kind of gruop work imaginable. 12 hours of this in the upcoming week. Ick.

But apart from that... not much to complain about.


May. 2nd, 2010 10:36 pm
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Friday was so wonderful. M and I went to the May Fair together. Lovely old things, strange stuff and yummy food. I bought three of those cookie-thingies: a frog, a dragon and a teddy bear. Hee. Afterwards we sat down on the riverbank, tried to skip stones and relaxed. And then we went for a really nice, quite long walk along the river.

A very nice and pleasant afternoon.

Other than that I'm getting ready for departure at the moment. I got my tickets, now I need a reservation and have to send in the confirmation and the info.
It's a little unreal. At the one hand I'm excited. On the other I don't really want to leave.
Well, we'll see. :)

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