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Espedially if it means having the same nightmare-ish kind of dream for two nights in a row. I woke up feeling pretty down and not wanting to go to sleep again. Which is unusual for me, considering it's Saturday.
Anyway, I prefer not rememebering my dreams. I always feel less rested after nights of more vivid dreams, no matter how nice they may have been.


Jun. 18th, 2008 01:09 pm
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Well, yes! I'm still alive. Kind of. Somehow - I don't know how - I manage to finish my preparation for a presentation later every fucking time.
I had the hand outs finished and printed half an hour before the seminar started. Anyway, it was okay.

Before that, we had choir and choir and choir. ;) And while we're not really great, it could be worse.

A. and me are planning another holiday together - it has been sooo long - and we want to go to Spain. So great. :)

S. and me skipped a tournament (ha!).

And... G. fell down the stairs. Strangely enough, she didn't break a bone. Apart from a nasty shock and some scratches she was fine. Quite unbelievable. I, on the other hand felt sick for the rest of the evening and couldn't sleep till five in the morning. :|

But. I succeeded in making ice cream for my mother without sugar. Chocolate with 99% cocoa, egg, milk, cream and sweetener.
And heaven, was it good. ;) Not so sweet... wonderful. Ha.

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