Jul. 29th, 2013 06:42 pm
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Finally summer has arrived. Finally!
More than two weeks without rain ... hard to imagine :) Work is exhausting, our offices have no air condition, and it's awfully hot during the days. But I won't complain :)
Summer - sun, ice cream, mild evenings, and no fucking rain! :D

This weekend was ... special.
My uncle was here, once again. I heard him before I even entered the house - basically screaming at my grandmother. About how he wanted authority over her bank accounts because it would be fair. Because it's about trust.
My grandmother is ninety. She was sitting there, looking at him helplessly, silent. The only thing she ever says to all of this is that she wants to be left alone with this.

So, I hear him. I wanted to defuse the situation and announced that I was there, being overly cheerful. And what does he do, that abominable turd? He asks me to "translate" what he wants to my grandmother. Translate.
Because there are only two possibilities: either you're too stupid to understand or you're somehow against him. A simple "no, I don't want that" doesn't exist. He expected me to take his side against my 90-year-old, overwhelmed, tiny grandmother.
I told him I don't understand his behaviour, how he can treat his own mother like this, when all she wants is being left alone. Well, he didn't listen.
He accused me and my parents of having our own interests, basically calling me a legacy hunter. Me! When it comes to sucking up to people I have no talent whatsoever. The sheer nerve of that man!
Well, I started screaming at him. :) And he left in a huff. Indignant.

Later that evening he called grandmother to tell her he wouldn't set foot in her house until I took everything back.
So basically he's punishing her for what I did. Asshole.
But that's nothing new.

He told Dad that he could "forget his holidays" (the only two weeks a year my parents have!!!) unless he (my uncle) got ... power over her bank accounts. Meaning, he wouldn't visit my grandmother and look after her during my parents' holiday. Asshole.

Well, he'll show up again.

But he sure was lots and lots surprised that someone could scream as loud as he. :)

The fun part?
I don't even like my grandmother. I can't stand her at all. Not in the least. She's a racist, an anti-semite, she's cruel, cold and vindictive.

But she's 90 for fuck's sake. Can't he give it a rest? Asshole.
I think I said that already.
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Hm, the first test of my new cloth pads was mostly successful :)
Just in time I finished all the pads I needed and they worked!! And it did feel better than with the bought ones :)

The only things I bought for making them were the snap fasteners. The rest was fabric I already had, old shirts, an old towel and tablecloth, and one leg of an old pair of cord trousers.
They're colourful and comfy (old fabric rules!) and oh so pretty. Well, they're more they're-okay-but-I-loooove-them-because-I-made-them-all-by-myself, but they work!

This week work sucked. My computer was updated and that stupid fucker of IT-person made sure I couldn't use it for four days. It could have been done in two. Two and a half, tops.
But F. likes him (male bonding and all that bullshit).
In those four days? F. was working on driving me completely insane. Swearing, screaming, and talking all-the-fucking-time.
In September, there is a pretty big thing, and I needed hin to finish something this Monday. But he didn't, noooo. No need to, right. He did it Thursday. But of course, he knows everything better. He never DID this, but he's the expert.
He's so full of it, honestly.
It worries me, that U might fall for that (all that macho male bonding, again), I'm not nearly as good at making myself look good while fucking up.

Anyway, weekend. I'm so incredibly tired.
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Greece is gloriously wonderful!!
Stunning, wonderful and awesome. Did I say wonderful?

... Doing laundry. The first round came out pink. Yay.

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