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... somehow I almost completely forgot how much I like keeping a journal. And how much I enjoy the whole concept of journals and communities - neither Facebook nor Wordpress can compare. :)

I doubt I'll have much time to post as often as I did a couple of years back - but I want to read and post a little more :)
... I have the feeling I said the same thing not so long ago XD

I feel like I caught the second cold in three weeks and my stomach's acting up again. I just hope it won't last as long as the last time ... anyway. I'm still pretty much exhausted, I rarely get enough sleep. Eight hours are not nearly enough somehow :/
Private life is nonexistant at the moment. And when I have time for me, I want it for me, for me alone (I'm greedy like that). For months I haven't been dancing; I don't want to have to do the trip into town again, I don't want to have a schedule, I don't want to have to meet people. I have enough of that during the week. I like my work, but it's more than enough right now.
I'd like to quit dancing - it's lost its appeal, I want more time for myself, I feel a little too old for the group I'm in and too young for the others, and it's money I could easily spend somewhere else - but there's S. to consider. He's okay, but also a little annoying. Still, I dread this conversation. A little.

Tired, headache ... off to bed (sooner or later)

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