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Today: second exam. I was incredibly unnervous. I wondered if that would prove a bad idea.
It didn't!! Heh!! I got an A!! *dances*

So awesome!

[i don't even dare say it... but if my grades are good enough I may get back all the fees!]
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Yesterday I survived the first oral exam.
I was so incredibly nervous... and it wasn't really that bad. :) I'm exremely surprised how enjoyable it was. ;) I always thought the talk about a "conversation" during the exam was bull. But sometimes it really felt like a real discussion. Awesome.
Now let's hope the result is just as awesome.

The next one is on Thursday... little time, much to do... Argh!
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So, yesterday was my written exam. The final exam. Four hours, starting at nine in the morning - which meant getting up unusually early and trying to find the right place.

The exam was pretty okay, though. I could answer every question, now we'll have to see if I answered them well. ;)
In the evening I had dinner with grandma (my parents weren't there) and went to bed at half past ten - and woke up at noon. :) Awesome.

Wow, now I have to manage all the other exams... and then I'll no longer be a student. That will feel pretty strange. :)

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