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open-minded, reader, humanist, sceptic, (sporadic) tinkerer (sewing, making soap, knitting ...), language lover, sensualist, idealist, grumpy, late riser, chocolate lover, curious, traveller, female, inquisitive, ace, feminist, quiet, scatterbrained, dog person, handy, woman, guarded, lurker, fan, lapsed Catholic, angry, linguist, grammar geek, cis, dork, cat lover, book lover, ...

Hm. I'm pretty boring... I'm a student (literature) working at an editing house, I love reading (fanfiction, nonfoction, fiction, cereal boxes), I sometimes sew or knit or make soap - but nothing too special.
I feel like my journal had its own Migration Period, journeying (ha, the pun is totally intentional!) from LJ (before it became EVIL!1!!) to GJ (before it, well, imploded) to IJ (where it still is, somehow) and finally arriving here. I hope travelling times are over. :)

And for the record, I'm over 18. Have been for quite a while. God, I'm old.
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