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Back again from holidays ... and the first week without M. I'm missing her already. I know her reasons for leavin are good, but still.

She left a present for me - a pretty little bracelet and an audiobook (the princess bride).

She got little gifts for a couple of people here. One of the people who didn't get one is F. And that must have hurt her, she's been commenting on it.

I understand that. I don't thing M left her out intentionally, she's not the kind of person to do that, but I understand that being left out makes you wonder. F is saying this shows again that she should just stop "caring so much" - she's been contacting people to help M find another job. And this just rubs me the wrong way.

I think a big part of it is that I really, really like M. And sometimes I get a little "protective" of people I like a lot.

But it's more than that. I guess it's because asking around for possible openings for me just isn't so special. I mean, if I know the right people, asking is not a big deal, you know? I'd do it for anyone I like/know well enough, it's not that much work. And I thought she did it because she likes M and thinks she's good at what she does. I hope not getting a gift would not make me so ... bitter.

M left gifts for those people she worked with most; she made cake for everyone when she left. I'm sure she was grateful for F's help and thanked her.

I don't think not getting her a gift makes her ungrateful or undeserving or a bad person. Or shows anything about helping others.
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